AERO IT Alliance has specific industry
focus in the following areas:
Large Scale Highly Complex Ground Handling Operations for Airports/Airlines with sophisticated automatic resource assignment and extensive usage of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Joint Airline/Airport Network Operations matching National scale of requirements and creation of Airport/Airlines Operation Centers
Unmatched Data Management and Complex Integration Capabilities
National level A-CDM solutions for ATC, Airlines and Airports enhanced with Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence adapted to match National Aviation Legislation requirements
Easy and full featured cloud based Common Use platform hosted in your airport’s home country
Easy and affordable Common Use Self Service Portfolio combining multiple functions in one device: Self-Bag Drop, Self-Service Check-In and Reprint
Advanced Cloud based Passenger Access Control platform with prompt effortless implementation
Baggage Management and Tracking Solutions Compliant with IATA Resolution №753 and RFID enabled bag tag support
AERO IT Alliance's approach to Self Services

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Alliance HQ
Switzerland, Zurich, CH-8049
Eastern European Office
Russia, Moscow
Skolkovo Innovations Center
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Phone:  +7 999 2014040
Central Asia Office
Tajikistan, Dushanbe, 734024
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